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Crusher Backing & Release Agent

Crusher Backing & Release Agent

Our crusher backing resin compound for cone crushers is a 2 part polyurethane system. It offers superb protection for the mantle and concave.

Our crusher backing resin is used as a shock absorbing compound that prolongs the life of the cone. Quarrying and mining industries worldwide use our product as a cost saving flexible backing of low viscosity that flows into small cavities behind the manganese steel plates. This product can be sent via air freight. 

Also available with this product is our Crusher Backing Resin Release Agent. This is a wax based release agent which can be applied to the new mantle or concave prior to pouring in the backing. This will allow the backing to be removed easily during the next service and manganese mantle change.

Crusher Backing resin compound for cone crushers benefits:

Easy application by machinery operators

Non-flammable means reduced transportation costs

Impact and shock resistance

Increased lifespan of equipment

Labour saving

Neatly packaged in a single tub with the activator self-contained in a foil bag.

Can be shipped worldwide via air freight

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